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Bethea offers kind words of inspiration each day, as well as access to great deals on a collection of jewelry and collectibles with origins in thousands of years of belief in special powers and energies to give you a better life.
Today's Inspirational Thought...
Did you know that your gratitude level can directly affect your wealth and happiness? Iíve seen it time and time again in my work with clients. I have guided many clients whose charts I felt displayed a need for gratitude to bring about positive change in their lives. Those who took my advice to heart have reported a positive shift in their lives, including increased wealth. You begin by being grateful for the smaller and more immediate things like having a place to live, food to eat, and a car to get around, etc. Soon, you will likely find yourself feeling grateful for even bigger things like being alive, learning hard lessons, your past mistakes, the freedom to make choices in life, and more. By placing yourself in a positive frame of mind through gratitude, you open yourself to all the good things the universe has to offer. So take some time every day to note those things that you are grateful for, from the smallest to the biggest, Learn more with your FREE Weekly Forecast of Health, Wealth and Happiness.

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