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Today's Inspirational Thought...
As an astrologer, clients frequently ask me about how they should cope with difficult work situations. I have a little exercise I give to such clients. I advise them to take a few seconds before they step into their workplace (even if they work at home) and find one good statement about their workplace. It may really take some thinking, but you can usually find something nice to say, even if it is something like the color of the walls or the sunlight coming into the room. The trick is to find something new and positive to say to yourself each and every work day. Thus far, I can report that my clients who have tried this technique report that they are enjoying work far more than they ever thought possible, and that it is making jobs a lot more tolerable, even if itís only a temporary situation. Interestingly enough, they also often say they are having much happier times at home, too -- and all from focusing their minds on the positives. Learn more with your FREE Weekly Forecast of Health, Wealth and Happiness.

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