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Bethea offers kind words of inspiration each day, as well as access to great deals on a collection of jewelry and collectibles with origins in thousands of years of belief in special powers and energies to give you a better life.
Today's Inspirational Thought...
Have you ever watched a cat chasing a string or a moving light ray reflecting off a piece of jewelry or of glass. This simple little pastime can be a tremendous source of amusement and stimulation for these animals. It makes you wonder what is going on in their heads! Usually, the interest is short-lived, but while they’re in the middle of it, they exhibit focus and determination. Nothing else seems to matter! I envy this kind of abandon. I know from my own experience and from working with clients that we humans have a much more difficult time separating ourselves from our current worries and preoccupations and the moment we happen to be living. As a consequence, we often forfeit the daily joys of our own life. This week, I hope that you will take some time out to just enjoy the moment! Learn more with your FREE Weekly Forecast of Health, Wealth and Happiness.

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