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A while back, I was reminded of the important role color plays in our lives. A young woman came to see me in the hope that I could improve her life. When she arrived, I could see immediately that she was surrounded by an aura of depression, not helped by the fact that she was dressed entirely in black. I gave her suggestions. A month later she returned, this time wearing green and russet colors that brought out the dancing flecks in her eyes. Even better, she had started to make long overdue changes in her life and was in a buoyant and upbeat frame of mind. Color has dramatic effect on our mood. We use color in expressions that describe our mood – “seeing red,” “in the pink” are just two examples. Now inviting color into your life isn’t going to magically erase all your problems overnight. But it will help you to operate at your best and will give you a lift as you go about your chores. Learn more with your FREE Weekly Forecast of Health, Wealth and Happiness.

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