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Medical research shows that stress is the leading culprit for a variety of physical and psychological problems like frustration, worry, exhaustion, backaches, headaches and tummy aches, to name just a few! But, some stress is actually good for you as it helps you stay sharp and stimulated. The tricky part is to keep it in check, and that is no easy task. Think of one way that you can reduce any stress you might be experiencing and then try to implement it, like consciously avoiding more than you know you can handle, finding ways to politely say no to extra projects or volunteer calls, or learning how to curb negative thinking patterns before they can become big headaches. Itís okay to start small, by the way. If we are all able to make a consistent effort to reduce the number of stressors in our lives, we just might find ourselves becoming quite comfortable with some good old-fashioned peace and quiet. Learn more with your FREE Weekly Forecast of Health, Wealth and Happiness.

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