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Today's Inspirational Thought...
As a child, I loved holding my grandmotherís painted conch shell to my ear and listening to the strange roaring sound. My grandmother told me it was the memory of the ocean still held inside the shell. At that time, I was amazed that I could be so far away from the ocean and still be able to hear waves in an empty seashell. Our own personal objects can exude a certain kind of memory or unseen energy, especially those objects we use daily over the course of years and the ones that we are particularly fond of. And it is these very objects that become the treasures of those who come after us, because they somehow sense our presence within those objects. If you think about it, you may remember some item from a parent or grandparent or friend that has special significance to you because it brings back many pleasant memories. As you handle your own personal belongings, give some thought to the energies/memories you are building into your favorite things. Learn more with your FREE Weekly Forecast of Health, Wealth and Happiness.

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