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Bethea offers kind words of inspiration each day, as well as access to great deals on a collection of jewelry and collectibles with origins in thousands of years of belief in special powers and energies to give you a better life.
Today's Inspirational Thought...
Recently, while I was attending to my favorite roses, I started thinking how life experiences and the way we respond to them make us a bit like those rose bushes. Rose bushes are very labor-intensive plants that need to be stripped down and cut back in a specific way at certain times of the year. They must be fertilized at the exact right times with the correct fertilizers so that spring and summer will bring new healthy growth and lovely blooms. For each and every one of us, the question is how can we take care of and nurture ourselves in such a way that we will flourish and become the individual and unique beings we are. Not an easy question to answer! My hope is that your FREE Health, Wealth and Happiness Forecast serves as an essential strengthening element to your life, just as those perfectly composed fertilizers add vitality to plants. Or that my advice can help you clarify that which should be streamlined for you to fully blossom into the very best person you can be. Learn more here.

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